Thursday, June 12, 2008

BMW: The Fabric of Our Lives.

I’ve got a problem with hybrids. Yep, that’s right. I especially have a problem with the whole concept of a hybrid SUV. Seriously, give me a break folks. The reason a hybrid is a hybrid is because it has two engines, a combustion and an electric. So tell me this, how does adding more mass to a vehicle mean less of a need for energy? More does not equal less. You can’t add more mass to a car and expect it to require less energy in order to move. It’s called physics. Not to mention there’s energy required to run the additional infrastructure to manufacture a second engine and the mega batteries that hybrids rely on.

Something as got to change. We need to completely rethink exactly what the modern automobile is and luckily the dudes at a little place called Bavarian Motor Works are doing just that. In 1992, American auto designer Chris Bangle became BMW’s Chief of Design. Granted he’s pushed BMW’s design in to a more controversial realm, especially with what’s come to be known as the “Bangle-butt”, BUT the industry has followed suit nevertheless.

Under Bangle’s direction, BMW has just released a vehicle that seriously reduces mass and challenges the very essence of what auto design has become. Enter: the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car. Yeah, I know, it’s a mouthful, just watch this clip… trust me.

Talk about reducing mass. You heard that right—this car is wrapped in high-tech fabric. Until automakers start thinking with this level of ingenuity, I’m afraid we’ll merely continue to suffer as energy prices continue to soar. But until then, please hang up the keys to the SUV and pick a vehicle with a little less load to lug.


Justin said...

I really dug this when I saw it the first time, but I have two concerns:

1. How strong is that fabric when a sharp piece of metal hits it doing 150 mph (head on crash on freeway; it's possible)?

2. Do I really want a car that can wink at me?


danimal said...

This car/post/blog is............. ah so sweet.