Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Job Sorta Rocks.

So yesterday I karted B Money and Jeramy down to MINI of Murray, while on the job. Yes, Struck's MINI project with BSSP is in full swing and I arranged for a photo shoot of an '08 Clubman. There’s a major 3D component to our project and we needed to gather gobs of guages and textures to map onto our 3D models—textures like chrome, leather, brushed aluminum and black grill mesh.

To my delight, our friends at MINI of Murray tossed us the keyless entry fob to a Hot Chocolate Cooper S Clubman. So beautiful. We set up and B Money when to town. I covered the action with my iPhone cam. This model sported the wood-trimmed interior, the Hot Chocolate leather/fabric upholstery, and a massive sunroof—which helped immensely with lighting the interior. It was a fun hour’s worth of work, definitely one of those times that makes you think: geez, I can’t believe this is my job.

Here's one of the reference images we shot for our 3D renderings:

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snizzle said...

oh my. that is amazing!!! howd it look in person?? isnt that ur dream?? im actually jealous.