Monday, September 07, 2009

Mid-century Modest

I'm totally inspired by this collection of sweet little paintings of stylish, yet modest, mid-century modern homes by artist Leah Giberson. I love the detail, especially in the landscaping. Would be a pretty cool neighborhood to live in, don't you think?

So, I took the liberty of creating a custom wallpaper of these paintings. It's optimized for a 15-in Macbook Pro, but there's plenty of resolution for a larger screen as well. I set the artist's URL in a mid-century modern typeface namely, House Industries' Neutraface, crafted after architect Richard Neutra's own architectural font. You can download the wallpaper by clicking here or on the picture below:


Justin said...

Awesome. These always make me want to grab my recent copy of Dwell and leaf through it again.

So, ah, why optimize for a 15" MacBook Pro?

kyality said...

Just for you my friend. Just for you.

teamBoo said...

It WOULD be cool.

And maybe also a little bit creepy?