Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Movie Cars

Not long after I published my post on my top 10 fave car chases Mrs. Kyality challenged me to come up with my top 10 favorite movie cars. Here's what I've got, hope you like it. Top 10 favorite TV cars coming soon!10. "The Tumbler" – Batman Begins/The Dark Knight
Leave it to Christopher Nolan to create a believable series reboot where the origins of the Batmobile stem from a fa-reaking tank! Sure, many Batmobile purists were borderline offended that Bruce Wayne wasn't modifying some sports car—but there's still room for that in the third installment—remember this one sustained "catastrophic damage" and Batman ejected via the Batpod. The best part about this vehicle is that it works and is real. Nolan refused to rely on CG and therefore The Tumbler makes the cut.

9. 1961 Ferrari 250 GT
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
I was introduced to this movie unbeknownst to my parents at a fairly young age by family friends—you know—one of those defining childhood moments. And from that point on, I've ALWAYS wanted to steal a red convertible from my friend's parents' mid-century modern home. Seriously, who hasn't thought that after watching this flick? And no, running a car in reverse does NOT remove its miles.

8. 1932 Ford Coupe
American Graffiti
Before George Lucas' characters were piloting the Millennium Falcon, they were rollin' in a yellow Deuce Coupe. In his coming-of-age masterpiece he lays forth a language of roguish heros, unsuspecting protagonists and high-powered chases told through a series of vignettes, featuring a group of teenagers and their cars within a single night in August 1962. Here's some Lucas trivia for ya, the hot rod's license plate reads: THX 138. Nice little bit of intertextuality.

7. 1973 (Australian) Ford Falcon
Mad Max/The Road Warrior
As a teenager, I discovered the sci-fi section of the Video Bin, a video rental joint a mile or two from my home. I began combing through the classics, everything from Planet of the Apes to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I also came across the Australian series based around Mad Max and his pre- and post-apocalyptic adventures. This car has become the pinnacle of road rage rat rods and has been alluded to by many including filmmakers like Tarantino and the like.

6. "Eleanor" 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Gone In Sixty Seconds
Okay. I admit it. This one might be the odd-ball out in this list. The remake of Gone in 60 Seconds kinda sucks. But there had to be a Mustang in the list and since I gave Bullitt the No. 1 spot in the car chase list, I felt that this car could effectively represent the pony-car segment. Plus, let's face it—it's a gorgeous car and ANY automotive enthusiast can instantly identify her by name.

5. "The Dragonfly-mobile" Modified 1968 Citro├źn DS
Roman Coppala's fun homage to pulpy late 60's sci-fi flicks like Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik features a sweet little chase scene with one of filmdom's lesser-known movie cars: The Dragonfly-mobile. The second I saw this flick, I noted this car as one of the greats. It's quick, it's European and no car has been better suited for an actress/model like Angela Lindvall to rally in.

4. 1964 Aston Martin DB5
My dad, Normality, had a die-cast model of this car sitting on his dresser throughout my entire childhood. And let's be brutally honest for a moment—no other vehicle within the longest movie franchise ever has even come close to its iconic image, barrage of gadgets or pure, classy cool factor. Not a one. This car will forever be THE definitive spy car, ejector seat and all.

3. "The Jaguar Hearse" 1971 Jaguar XK-E
Harold and Maude
Mrs. Kyality introduced me to this quirky flick in which Harold a morbid 19 year-old played by a young Bud Cort falls in love with a happy-go-lucky 79 year-old played by an old Ruth Gordon. In the film, Harold who drives a hearse for fun is given an amazing silver 1971 Jaguar XK-E as a gift to help him cheer up. He takes a look at the sports car and a look at the hearse and a few tools sounds later we have one of film's most beautiful and unique movie cars. This car has definitely influenced my tastes as two of my own cars have been described as being similar to it. Namely this one and this one. This movie also has an amazing soundtrack by Cat Stevens.

2. Tim Burton's "Batmobile"
Batman/Batman Returns
This one was a tough one to not put in the No. 1 slot. Even the classic Batman fans admit this is easily the most beautiful Batmobile to date. But is it my favorite movie car? That was the question. I was 12 years-old when Tim Burton re-imagined Batman for the masses. I saw it on opening night and I vividly remember Michael Keaton as Batman saying, "Get in the car" and Vicki Vale replying: "Which one?" The crowd went insane at the first glimpse of this vehicle and it's been one of the definitive Batmobiles ever since.

1. "Doc's Time Machine" 1981 DeLorean DMC-12
Back to the Future
All I have to say is this: not only does this car's stainless steel construction make flux dispersal possible, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? The DeLorean as a car was always trying way too hard to be cool. The DeLorean as a time machine on the other hand is as cool as cool gets. You don't even need to have seen the movie to know that this thing could easily set your tire tracks on fire and catapult you throughout the space/time continuum.


kmon said...

A solid list. I don't know about that Roman Coppala stuff... Maybe that's because I don't live close enough to "Sundance". Anyway, a few others I have fond feelings for include the Dodge Monaco from Blues Brothers, the Pontiac Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit, the Ford Bronco XLT from Romancing the Stone, and the AMC Pacer from Wayne's World.

Justin said...

A great list. One I might substitute is the Ferrari 308 driven past Chevy Chase by one smokin' Christie Brinkley. (Magnum drove it too, but not a movie.)

kyality said...

Looks like you guys both need to create your OWN movie cars list!

The Robot Writes said...

Glad to see that the DeLorean topped the list. But two Batmobiles? Choose one dude. And I have to mention one of my faves not on the list: 1972 Corvette Stingray from Rush Hour. Awesome car, not so awesome movie.

The Robot Writes said...

Sorry. Totally botched the link on my user name.

Unknown said...

Dream car is the 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Love that car!

kyality said...

Wes, if you really love that car you can actually buy it here:

Cassie Brendan said...

Ah, nothing will ever beat the car from the Back to the Future! I remembered that the trilogy actually made Michael J. Fox a star! As of now, Back to the Future is actually the 13th highest grossing trilogy of all time worldwide! Take note, it was shown way back in 1989 and it's still in the list! That's pretty amazing, right?