Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Beach House Dining

Last Thursday, Mrs. Kyality and I made a last minute, snap decision to catch the Vampire Weekend show that night. They did a great job, but the opening act easily stole the show. I actually hadn't heard of Beach House prior to that night, but later that same night let's just say I snagged all their albums off iTunes.

Beach House is a genre-defying band, nearly unclassifiable. When you hear them for the first time, there's two relatively conflicting vibes happening all at once. You think to yourself, wow I've never anything like this. At the very same time, you can't help but think that they sound oddly familiar.

Nearly every song on their latest album, Teen Dream, is addictive in its own way. In fact, many of the songs start off one way and end completely different, like two songs squished into one. And both are awesome. The standout tracks of the night were Take Care and Walk In the Park—both of which prompted some amazing head-banging from Mademoiselle Legrand.

Listening to Beach House is like a fine dining experience. Each song is like a bite with tons of flavors to identify. Each flavor is a familiar vibe and it's fun to pick each of them out. For me, the ingredient list of Beach House is as follows: one cup of Nico, a teaspoon of
Cowboy Junkies and a dash of The Beach Boys. Tasty.

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